Tuesday, September 22, 2009
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Recently I felt a lift in my life. God has brought me through a journey that I had never even imagine that I am so close to my dreams. 6 months working in RWS, I though I will be limited but really.. I expanded much more than ever. It was the tug in my heart telling me to make things happen all times. haha, that can be my slogan for the rest of my life :)

After being a livefeed OGL, and having meetings and meetings with Yassy & Dawn.. it brought my mindset to a whole new level. I am no longer stuck, but there is so much room to grow the ministry, to allow God mould my character. Livefeed ministry is growing, and I'm loving every bits I am doing. It never stops..

Growing D3 together with Evonne is exciting too. You can say she is one of my best friend, but yet I truly respect her as a leader. Remember the times I still feel so uncomfortable, but God has changed my inside out so much. One thing I love about D3 is.. we live life together. We are finishing our studies soon? People like Josh are driving. I'm "inspired" to drive now. HAHA!

Weirong is in London now. I miss her so much, but seeing how she lugged on her backpag and enter the departure gate bravely.. It made realise that she is doing something that she really wants and now.. with God in her life. I'm really glad. Seeing how she squealed at the National Geographic's cover page on seals, it made almost cry. I don't know how to explain why, but its that kinda heart-warming feeling that my so good ever primary school friend is leaving for 3 years but the story does not end from there.

And lastly during last weekend, Pastor made me realise now I wanted to be on staff one day in church. Haha, Shan Yong thought I was working as a volunteer staff :) The best team to work with is together with Pastors. Last Saturday doing livefeed with Pastor Lia leading the WT, I enjoyed every single shot being produced, every decision made.. Because I have supported Pastors. And this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life!

This is a long entry, but basically it sums up my feeling for this past few months :)


Friday, August 28, 2009
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I have NOT updated my blog for the longest time.
I am so much to say..
haha, church 10th anniversary is here.
So much to prepare, but its gonna be a big BLAST.
bucket of tears.
mans, the church had made it so far..
and im so honoured to take this service.
Everyone will come back. I believe as we walk down the memory lane, the church will only grow strong!!!
Will be back! :)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009
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I'm gonna step outta my comfort zone, my life pace is gonna go faster.
I'm gonna do this with God. Run, keep on running faster and steadily.
Pastor updated his twitter:
Be Faithful to Small things but Focus on Big things - secret to a successful and sane life
Faithfulness. I like this word.
Faith & Success ...


Sunday, May 10, 2009
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Breakthrough Breakthrough! :)
Mother's Day services were awesome.
I'm amazed at how things were being done in church, and proud to be part of it.
One day.. my mum's gonna come church and attend the service that I'm directing. WHOO AMEN!
I'm really proud to be in livefeed ministry. It's more than bringing the presence of God down for the congregation, I love putting faith into the crew.
Being in ops team is stressful, but its the power of teamwork that makes everything possible!

And also, I'm 19 this year! Birthday passed really quickly.. Yu Loon was the earliest person to pass me my birthday present. I like wrapped presents. hahaha, no matter what thing it is.
I realised I like birthday messages the best :) Weirong is proud to be the last person to send me an sms at the end of the day! But okie la, this year birthday is simple. I was surprised enough that the CEG wished me happy birthday THROUGH MY GMAIL!!! hahas what else to say?? :)

Well, I love sunday nights. Sitting down and listening to Red Rain songs..
It's such a lovely night :)


Sunday, May 03, 2009
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I can't sleep. The buzz is still going around me. Labour Day's 24, weekend services with Pst Lia and Pst Steve Munsey. Anointing of God, love is a decision. I want more of God. Ever since I'm on attachment, I looked forward to every weekend. I'm belonging to a home with the world's most idealistic people. I like it when the congregation together as one, we lifted our hands to praise and worship our God.

I can't describe how I'm exactly feeling now. But I'm overwhelmed by the power of God...


Friday, April 24, 2009
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Everyone's talking about it. Thank God It's Friday.
Or izit me that heard it for the first time?
I slept at 2am this morning, and I feel so proud of myself to wake up.
I have completely conquered a week of work!

A few interesting encounters with people..
On Wednesday I had Japanese Class. I asked for a transfer from Monday to Wednesday class..
Apparently I thought I will know nobody in the class.
Meiyue!!! :)
My secondary 2 partner who had taught me to stack my textbooks high in front of me, enough for me to sleep well without seen. Hahahaha..
I thank God, now I have a great Japanese partner to study with me!

Work's mundane, but church breathes life.
Instead of doing much of archive ystd, I ended up eating KFC with Wendy Lee.
It was a nice chat with her, getting to know more about her life.
She's directing her first praise songs this weekend.
It's so delightful to see somebody who just sits at the MX70 and toggler, despite there are no camera shots to view.
I was once like that? :)
All the best man, Wendy Lee!
Have faith and let's have fun!! :)

Alright, I'm back to work.
Supervisor is not here today.
I'm gonna do my stuffs..
Can't wait to be in church today.
I'm dancing. HAHAHAHA. ohmama, life gets just more interesting...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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Now I'm at work, feeling really uncomfortable with my throat.
Since yesterday, it felt like something was being stuck in the middle of it.
And it made me cough like I want to puke everything out..
But warm water helps alot :)

This morning, I was thinking about something that is needed to be done.
And this thought came to my mind, thinking I can't do this and that 'cos of work.
But seriously.. the next thought came to me was ..
Don't use work as an excuse.
It is so true. I realise loving people is a lifestyle, something that comes from within.
People will always be the first priority.

Haha, it is a good thought :)
And I'm back to work!



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